Design a molecule, integrate, and discover functions

Molecular assemblies exhibit interesting properties such as conductivity, magnetism, mesophase, and chromic behaviors. Our interest is control and improvement of the functionality based on various molecular assemblies (organic crystals, intercalated compounds, liquid crystals, and ionic liquids) by external stimuli such as stress, light, doping , etc.

—Shear Stress Effect—
Mechanochromism by shear stress

—Doped Liquid Crystals—
Control the molecular orientation in LCD

—Charge-transfer Complexes—
Organic molecular conductors and magnets

—Stimuli-responsive ILs—
Functional liquids based on stimuli-responsive molecules

Prof. Dr. M. Inokuchi

E-mail: inokuchi(at)
Address: Applied Chemistry, Tokyo University of Science, Yamaguchi,
1-1-1 Daigakudori, Sanyo-onoda, Yamaguchi 756-0884, Japan


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